Persuade Your Loved One to Get Hearing Loss Treatment

Couple talkng about hearing loss

If you have loved ones experiencing some form of hearing loss, you may feel the need to help them. Hearing loss can be a very sensitive subject to broach, however. While hearing loss is difficult to address, there are ways to encourage loved ones to seek treatment.

The following are tips to get through to your loved one.

Everyone should get a hearing test

Everyone should have regular hearing screenings with a hearing specialist. You should schedule a hearing test as often as you schedule physicals with your doctor or teeth cleanings with your dentist. Hearing screenings are important because they identify changes in your hearing that need to be addressed.  Regularly visiting a hearing specialist is something everyone should be doing. This perspective will encourage them to consider making an appointment.

Others are in the same situation

Your loved one may be comforted by the fact that many other individuals have gone through the same situation. There are numerous articles and websites on the internet about hearing loss and why it’s important to consult with a hearing specialist. Share this with loved ones, so they realize happiness is attainable after receiving hearing loss treatment.

Highlight the dangers of putting off hearing loss treatment

Inform your loved one about the dangers of waiting to treat hearing loss. Individuals with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before addressing the problem, and untreated hearing loss gets worse over time.

Hearing loss is often associated with medical conditions such as dementia, depression, and heart disease. Because of this, waiting to treat hearing loss can sometimes be fatal. If you stress the urgency of the situation, your loved one will be prompted to take action.

Be prepared to counter objections

There are many excuses your loved one may use.

The most common excuses are:

  • I’m not old enough to be losing my hearing.
  • It’s not worth the trouble to have my hearing tested.
  • I will feel embarrassed if I have to wear a hearing aid.

Respond to your loved ones’ objections with facts and research. Let them know age is only one factor when it comes to hearing loss. Certain medical conditions and constant exposure to loud noises can also affect one’s hearing. Inform your loved one that hearing tests are just as important as other health appointments, such as annual wellness checks or vision tests.

For those concerned about wearing hearing aids, advise them there are many types of hearing aids available to suit any lifestyle.

Help your loved one get help. Contact a hearing specialist in your area as soon as possible.

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