Wearing Your Hearing Aid During Summer Activities

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You’ve got an active summer planned. You’re definitely going to hit the beach and maybe go for a swim. You’ll get some regular jogging in and then maybe take in a baseball game or two–before heading home and grilling up some tasty dinner. You’re going to be busy! And you want to make sure your hearing aids are up to the challenge.

Each of these activities can present unique hazards for your hearing aids–but there are some easy ways you can protect these tiny, helpful devices and enjoy your summer at the same time.

Summertime hearing aid challenges

Every season is going to present unique challenges when it comes to your hearing aids. During the summer, many of those tests are weather and climate related.

Summer-related challenges could include:

  • Moisture: Whether it’s from humidity, swimming, rain, or just sweat, moisture is nearly always present during the summer. That’s a problem because moisture can be a huge issue for hearing aids.
  • Wind: A strong enough wind can tug and pull at your hearing aids. Depending on the climate, strong winds can also introduce dust and debris into your hearing aid.
  • Debris, sand and dirt: You’re active in the summer. But when you go to the beach, there’s a good chance you may get some sand in your hearing aid–and that could cause problems.

Part of the reason why these problems are more likely to crop up during the summer is self-evident: you tend to be outside more often. And when you spend more time outside, you’re more likely to encounter a strong gust of wind or a sudden rainstorm.

How to keep your hearing aids working great all summer

Your hearing aids are designed to improve your quality of life–to make it possible for you to do more. So over the course of summer, most people want to wear their hearing aids as often as possible. This means taking a few extra steps to care for the technology and ensure your hearing aids keep working.

Take steps to keep your hearing aids dry

We’ve established that moisture is the enemy of a well-functioning hearing aid (the more sophisticated the electronics, the worse water becomes). There are a couple of ways you can keep moisture at bay:

  • Don’t wear your hearing aids into the water. Going for a swim? Great! Just take out your hearing aids first. Of course, most people already do this. So the real danger is the wetness in your ears that lingers after you go swimming. That’s why you should consider wearing a swim cap and earplugs when you go in the water. This can help keep your ears (and thus your hearing aids) nice and dry.
  • Keep a microfiber towel handy. That way, you can dry your hearing aids throughout the day. This stops moisture from building up when you aren’t paying attention.
  • Dry your ears thoroughly. Make sure you aren’t accidentally transferring moisture from your ears to your hearing aids.
  • Wear a headband when you’re exercising. This will help keep sweat out of your ears (and away from your hearing aids).
  • Open the battery compartment on your hearing aids at night and let them air dry. This will help prevent damage caused by corrosion of the battery.

Take steps to keep your hearing aids clean

Moisture and heat can both fuel the growth of bacteria. So you should also take a few steps to ensure your hearing aids are staying clean over the summer months. You can do the following:

  • Store your hearing aids in a cool and dry place. That’s because hearing aids (as a general rule) don’t like exposure to heat and direct sunlight. So don’t store them on your dashboard on the hottest day of summer. Instead, make sure they’re tucked away somewhere cool and dry when you aren’t using them.
  • Disinfect your hearing aids regularly. You can do this with specially made antibacterial and disinfectant wipes.
  • Don’t let debris build up over time. As you’re disinfecting your hearing aids, you can also take the time to clean out any debris that may have built up. Eventually, it’s probably also a good idea to have your hearing aids professionally cleaned.

Stay active, stay happy–keep hearing

Your hearing aids are designed to accompany you throughout your life, and that’s certainly true of the summer months. So whether you’re planning on swimming in the lake, hiking over a mountain, or going for a walk around the neighborhood, there’s a way to make sure your hearing aids stay dry–and keep working.

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