Hearing Loss Isn’t a Big Deal & Other Myths

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If you or someone you know have mild hearing loss, it is essential to educate yourself about hearing loss as much as possible. This is to help you better cope with your condition and to help you avoid making important decisions based on incorrect information. Here are some common myths to ignore when suffering from mild hearing loss:

Having Mild Hearing Loss Is Not a Big Deal

While there are many steps you can take to overcome your hearing loss, it would be unwise to disregard the effects it can have. Even mild cases of hearing loss can affect the quality of your life. Being unable to hear as well as you used to can affect how well you communicate with other people. This can result in a number of psychological effects, such as social withdrawal, frustration, and depression.

Only Certain People Are Susceptible to Hearing Loss

Many people assume that only the elderly can have hearing loss. However, this is far from the truth. Many people are born with hearing loss, while others may lose their hearing due to an illness or traumatic injury later in life. Age does not preclude anyone from experiencing hearing loss.

You Can Hear Instantly with a Hearing Aid

In reality, it may take time for your hearing aid to provide the level of hearing that you require. This is because you may require a specific kind of hearing aid, which will typically have to be fine-tuned by a hearing aid professional during multiple office visits to accommodate your unique hearing loss situation. It also takes time for your brain to readjust to hearing again.

Surgery Is the Only Option to Resolve Your Hearing Loss Issue

Surgery makes sense for a small percentage of adults who suffer from hearing loss. The majority of mild hearing loss cases are treated with the proper fitting of a hearing aid.

Hearing Loss Affects Just One of Your Ears

It is not unusual for hearing loss to affect both ears. You may have the impression that one of your ears is functioning as it should only because the degree of hearing loss is less than it is for the other ear. In many cases, the degree of hearing loss is the same for both ears. In fact, the majority of people who require hearing aids for mild hearing loss require them for both of their ears.

Don’t let what you think is true about hearing loss stand in the way of proper treatment. Seek assistance from a professional to be sure you get the hearing aid your situation requires.

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