Shocking Hearing Statistics You Should Know

Shocked man because he's learned hearing loss facts.

If you’re a man, you’re nearly 200% more likely than a woman to have hearing loss before the age of 69.

What other shocking statistics do you need to know about hearing loss?

Let’s find out!

Basic Hearing Loss Statistics

  • 20% of the overall population and 25% of adults have hearing loss
  • While aging doesn’t cause hearing loss, age is the most likely predictor that someone will have hearing loss up to about the age of 69. This is because as you age you’re exposed to more and more things that cause permanent damage.
  • 18% of adults under 69 suffer from speech frequency hearing loss. That means that what they hear isn’t determined by how loud it is, but in what pitch the sound is in. They may be able to hear a whistle (high pitch) but not a human who speaks in a lower voice. Normal human voices go up and down making listening to your grandson telling a story about his school field trip very unpredictable.
  • Hearing loss starts early. 1 out of 8 people over 12 already have some hearing loss in both ears.
  • As men age, most lose their ability to hear higher frequencies (pitch) first. Women, on the other hand, lose lower frequencies. Women often have higher voices and men usually have lower ones. If a husband and wife both have untreated hearing loss, that would make normal couple’s conversations quite a challenge.
  • Think you’re too young for hearing loss? Actually, 2% of people have disabling hearing loss by age 54. By 64, it jumps to almost 9%. By 74, you have a 25% chance. Once you’re over 75, you have 50/50 shot of having, or not having, disabling hearing loss. Lifestyle choices, occupational choices and general health all contribute to how early a person develops disabling hearing loss, if at all.

Shocking Tinnitus Statistics

  • Around 15% of people have extended periods of tinnitus. That’s a ringing, thumping, buzzing or other sound that a person hears that others can’t hear.
  • 67% of people who suffer from tinnitus have regular and prolonged episodes.
  • 26% have tinnitus that never goes away, day or night.
  • 30% say that tinnitus is severely impacting their quality of life

Hearing Aid Statistics

  • The majority of people wait 15 years or more to get their first hearing aids. Those who do find more hurdles await them because their brains have actually forgotten what it’s like to hear and understand.
  • Hearing aids can help people with hearing loss and tinnitus. Yet only 25% of people who would benefit from hearing aids actually wear them. There are many reasons for this. But as we dig deeper into hearing loss statistics you need to know, you’ll find out how concerning this is.
  • The typical hearing aid costs between $1000 and $4000 and lasts for 10 or more years.

The Financial Impact of Hearing Loss

  • A Better Hearing Institute Survey found that people with untreated hearing loss make around 12,000 less per year than those who get their hearing loss treated. Hey, that would have paid for the hearing aids in less than one year.
  • Those with untreated hearing loss are also at great risk for some costly medical conditions, which we’ll look at next.

The Mental & Physical Health Connection

What Hearing Loss Costs Relationships

  • People with untreated hearing loss have around a 25% higher risk of becoming socially isolated. It becomes harder to stay active and involved with friends and family.
  • Studies have also shown that people who have hearing loss say that they have more arguments with family because of their hearing difficulties.

What the Studies Also Show

The studies also show that when a person who has hearing loss gets hearing aids, they start to reverse some of these risks and even the conditions linked to the untreated hearing loss.

They regain brain function they may have lost and start reconnecting with people.

Don’t wait to get your hearing tested. It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about getting hearing aids.

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