What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

otorhinolaryngologist checking patient's nose with otoscope.

Sinus inflammation can wreak havoc on your well-being, leaving you in a state of discomfort. While some may only endure a runny nose and bouts of sneezing, for many, it’s the excruciating sinus-pressure-induced headaches that render sinus infections, or sinusitis, intolerable. Moreover, sinus infections can impact your hearing, potentially spreading to the ears and, if untreated, leading to hearing impairment.

What is an in-office balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty, also referred to as balloon catheter dilation therapy, offers an in-office, minimally invasive solution for chronic sinusitis. In this procedure, a small balloon catheter is carefully inserted into the sinus cavity. Crafted from sterile, flexible material, the balloon is gradually inflated. This inflation process effectively expels the mucus and pus responsible for sinus pressure and worsening the infection. Simultaneously, it gently widens the passage, reducing the likelihood of future blockages.

Following clearance of the sinus cavity, a saline solution rinse may be administered before the removal of the balloon. The outcome is a noticeably more open and clear sinus cavity, leading to immediate symptom relief. It is a relatively new procedure which involves no cutting or bone removal and is typically conducted under local anesthesia. Patients can undergo the treatment conveniently in the doctor’s office without the need for hospital admission.

Typically, there’s a brief recovery period associated with balloon sinuplasty, with most individuals resuming normal activities within a day or two. Patients should feel immediate relief from pain and pressure.

What are the benefits of a Balloon Sinuplasty?

Advantages of an in-office balloon sinuplasty include:

  • Minimal invasiveness ensures swift recovery and minimal disruption to daily life.
  • Long-lasting and substantial symptom relief, with many patients experiencing benefits for at least two years post-procedure.
  • Rare occurrence of complications due to the minimally invasive nature.
  • Performed in a doctor’s office, enhancing patient comfort.

A unique approach with remarkable results

Chronic sinus infections can inflict considerable misery, from debilitating headaches disrupting work to persistent nasal drip affecting sleep. Whether attributed to nasal passage anatomy or sheer misfortune, balloon sinuplasty presents a novel and effective solution to alleviate the burdens of chronic sinusitis.

Find an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist near you to explore if a balloon sinuplasty procedure is right for your chronic sinusitis. 

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