7 Benefits You’re Missing Due to Hearing Loss

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When you think of hearing loss, understandably, the sounds you’re missing will inevitably come to mind. There are many activities that depend on your ability to hear. These include listening to audiobooks, enjoying music, talking to family members, hearing the oven buzzer, or being able to hear sirens and alarms. You may not think about the other benefits you’re missing as your hearing declines.

Hearing loss happens so slowly you may not notice it at first. As it progresses, however, it takes its toll on many aspects of your life.

Instead of focusing on the negative, there are several benefits you will gain by treating your hearing loss. The following are seven life-altering benefits you’re missing if you are suffering from untreated hearing loss.

1. Improve your state of mind

A recent study showed untreated hearing loss more than doubles an individual’s risk of experiencing depression symptoms. Women younger than 70 were the worst affected, but all groups suffered a similar increased risk.

Studies demonstrate hearing loss increases social isolation – a profound sense of loneliness that occurs when a person feels cut off from those around them.

Wearing a hearing aid can reverse these feelings, thus slashing the risk of depression, anxiety, and social isolation associated with untreated hearing loss.

2. Staying connected in the community

When your hearing is restored or better maintained, you can become more involved with your community.

Do nights out seem less stimulating? Have you slowly stopped attending book clubs, family get-togethers, or sporting events?

Treating your hearing loss may be just what you need. When you can hear more clearly and better understand those around you, you will feel more connected to your community. Socializing with others will become more comfortable and more enjoyable.

3. Improve your self-image

Many people with untreated hearing loss feel embarrassed when they ask people to speak up. They feel ashamed when they misunderstand words. They feel like people are angry with them.

Over time, they begin to feel like they’re a burden for others: their self-worth declines, and hopelessness sets in.

Treating hearing loss can help make you feel like yourself again. Your former confidence will return. You can join conversations again and feel like part of society once more.

4. Keep doing what you love

Even the most active seniors may find hearing loss is making it more difficult to participate in hobbies, events, outings, and other forms of entertainment. This is especially true if the activities involve socializing with others.

Getting your hearing loss treated means you can keep participating in the activities that make you happy.

5. Optimal physical health

Individuals who stay more connected socially remain physically healthier. They move more. They tend to have lower blood pressure and blood sugar while remaining more flexible and mobile. Additionally, people who have their hearing loss treated are more likely to keep their doctor appointments.

Are you suffering from untreated hearing loss? Your physical health may be paying the price.

Do you believe your physical health is in decline, and there’s nothing you can do about it? Getting your hearing loss treated could help reverse some of your health woes by making it easier to connect with others and allowing you to take better care of your health.

6. Retaining cognitive function

Untreated hearing loss nearly doubles dementia risk, including Alzheimer’s disease. When the part of your brain responsible for hearing becomes less active, it starts a chain reaction that leads other parts of the brain to become weaker.

To complicate matters, the social isolation associated with hearing loss makes it harder to function in social settings. You may find you can’t think clearly, lose track of the conversation, or are unable to remember what your friends are talking about.

Don’t lose the ability to retain and make new memories. Keep your mind clear. This is a benefit you would miss if you let your hearing loss go untreated.

7. Positive support system

When you retain your hearing, it’s easier to establish a support system. This will lead to happier, healthier days with those you love.

Don’t let hearing loss take this benefit away from you.

Many people don’t realize their hearing loss is severe enough to require treatment. Their mental state slowly declines. Friends and family members may avoid them. The individual with hearing loss doesn’t know why.

It’s never too early to get your hearing tested by a hearing specialist.

You can avoid missing these valuable benefits by getting treatment as soon as possible before further hearing loss occurs.

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