6 Reasons NOT to Hide From Your Hearing Loss

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People with hearing loss tend to feel isolated and prefer to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. If you think your hearing has diminished, there are several reasons why you should tackle it immediately and improve your quality of life.

1. You Are Not Alone

More than 50 million people in the United States have hearing loss, including 20 percent of teenagers. The majority of veterans who have fought in foreign wars also have some hearing loss. Given the extent of this medical issue, it is imperative that people with hearing loss seek help and share their experiences with others. Sharing their experience can not only help other people with the same problem, but it can also help educate everyone else about how to help their loved ones.

2. Protect Your Remaining Hearing

It may be annoying to you to miss some conversations, but not enough so that you are willing to get your hearing tested and allow a doctor to treat your hearing loss. However, the longer you ignore your hearing loss, the more likely you are to have more significant problems with your hearing down the road. Once you reach a certain point, the problem may become irreversible.

3. Enjoy a Better Social Life

People with hearing loss tend to take themselves out of social situations to avoid the embarrassment of missed conversations or misunderstood words. It also leads them to stay out of noisy areas where their friends gather. Even if they don’t physically remove themselves, they have trouble engaging with the conversations happening around them. If you take steps to address your hearing loss, such as wearing a hearing aid, you will find yourself more willing to rejoin the activities that make you happy.

4. Improve Your Family’s Lives

If you fail to address your hearing loss, you may find that your relationships with your family members suffer. Hiding your hearing loss can make your loved ones speculate why you have suddenly pulled away, seem depressed, or stop taking part in family discussions or interacting at dinner. This can be particularly hard on children, who don’t understand why your relationship with them has changed. Get a hearing test, take steps to improve your hearing, and watch your familial relationships begin to thrive again.

5. Hearing Aid Improvements

Perhaps you have been hiding from your hearing loss because you are afraid your doctor is going to recommend a hearing aid. The good news is that there are have been several advances in hearing aid technology that improved quality but also makes them much less visible than models from the past. You can control some hearing devices from your smartphone, and today’s models let you hear from all different directions and in varying environments.

6. Avoid Other Health Problems

If you avoid your hearing loss, you may be opening the door to other severe medical conditions. People who do not get their hearing loss treated are more likely to suffer from things like depression and cognitive decline than those who address the issue and get treatment.


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