Why You’ll Always Remember Your First Set of Hearing Aids

Person standing on the top of a mountain.

“Wow, those are words to that song!”

This is just one of many exclamations that may leave your lips when the miracle of your full hearing returns to you. From the soft patter of your grandchild’s feet, as she runs up to hug you, to the subtle melody of a light breeze as it whips through the trees and blows the hair from your face. The world is full of joyous sounds.

Let’s take a look at why you’ll always remember your first set of hearing aids.

Hearing Devices and Emotional Life Changes

Emotions aren’t often readily talked about in most social circles or society as a whole. There’s not a whole lot of support for the full range of emotions we experience as human beings, but each brings with it a gift of experience.

From fear to anger to pure joy, our emotions can go from zero to one hundred in just a few seconds. And they can change dramatically in the blink of an eye.

From Excitement to Annoyance

When you first start hearing sounds you couldn’t understand very well before, you’ll likely first feel tremendously excited. You’ll now be able to respond to all of your spouse’s words and not just the ones you could pick out of the jumble. You’ll be able to hear the activation of your car’s engine as you turn the key and the laughter of your grandchild echoing through the house.

Some sounds can become a little less welcome over time. As your hearing continues to improve with each hearing aid adjustment, you might find yourself becoming annoyed at the endless roar of city traffic or the whining pleas of your grandchild when you tell them they can’t have a cookie before dinner.

Just let yourself feel whatever you feel, knowing that it will pass. You might find that your annoyance gradually, or very quickly, gives way to appreciation.

From Frustration to Appreciation

The adjustment period to full-range hearing has its frustrating components. Your hearing aids might whistle when you first put them in, or you might find you hear far more than you’d like to.

This frustration usually morphs into appreciation as the possibilities of a life with your hearing aids trumps life before your hearing aids.

From Elation to Feelings of Insecurity

After years of struggling with hearing problems, you’ll likely become excited when you finally get fitted for your first pair of hearing aids. The thrill of hearing the birds chirping outside your window or even the leaky faucet in your bathroom can bring such joy.

After the elation has subsided, you may find certain feelings of insecurity cropping up. You might become concerned that someone will notice one of your hearing aids, but these insecurities are usually quite fleeting, and the benefits of a life of quality hearing far outweigh any insecurity that could come up.

From Contentment to Gratitude

As you continue to adapt to life with your full range of hearing, the contentment of your new life often translates into a profound sense of gratitude.

Scientific research has linked feelings of gratitude to:

  • Improved overall physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Increased awareness and motivation
  • Fewer aches and bodily discomfort
  • Heightened self-worth
  • Enhanced sleep

Many people keep a gratitude journal or express gratitude regularly and reap these health benefits and many more. This is a good place to express gratitude for the ingenious invention of hearing devices.

From Fear of the Unknown to Love of the Unheard

As with any life-altering step, you’ll likely have some apprehension or fear of the unknown when you’re fitted with your first set of hearing aids. “Will the sounds be overwhelming?” “Will I be judged?” “Will I regret my choice?”

When you allow your reservations to just flow their natural course, they’ll quickly pass on through. This is when you’ll enter the love of the unheard. You’ll come to love the possibilities that will pop up in your life where hearing issues once interfered.

Remembering Your First Set of Hearing Aids

Emotions usually come full circle. And no one emotion has to stick around forever.

After a while of wearing your new hearing devices, it can be easy to forget just how far your ears have come. It may be helpful to look back on your emotional roller coaster to see how much your quality of life has improved. Smile to yourself and be grateful you took that step in revitalizing your auditory health.

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