The Shocking Truth About Hearing Aids and Smartphones

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For years, hearing aids have been the main means by which those who suffer from hearing loss have been able to improve their hearing. Just recently, companies have turned to technology to service their hearing impaired customers. One of the most effective types of this technology is the cell phone. Smartphones are revolutionizing the way that people hear safely and confidently.

How are Smartphones Technological Advancements for Hearing

Many of the newest advancements in phone technology were made with hearing impaired individuals in mind to allow them to have a greater range of accessibility to their smartphone. The telecoil is a good example of this in action. Telecoils, when used in conjunction with a cell phone, convert magnetic signals from the cell phone into sound signals that can be interpreted by the user through their device. Most cell phones have reached a T3 or T4 standard, indicating that they have met and surpassed the overall power and efficiency that these devices must reach.

How Smartphones are Leading the Way

Smartphones, in particular, have been helping individuals with hearing impairment by leading the way with superior technology. Like regular cell phones, these devices often come with high-level telecoils built into them. Another way that people who use hearing aids are benefitting from using smartphones is through the static and noise canceling technology that has been included in the latest models. This ensures that using a hearing aid in conjunction with a cell phone will not result in feedback or static, allowing for almost total clarity while in use. This is referred to as hearing aid capability, or HAC, that allows the people with hearing impairment to gauge their device’s abilities before they make a purchase.

These powerful devices come with the ability to run applications, any hearing impaired user can find a wide variety of apps to aid them in their daily lives. For example, there are apps that can find active subtitles for a movie that you are watching, or for syndicated television programs. These phones can also help hearing impaired individuals by using LED lights and blinking to get the attention of hearing aid users. These smartphones also have the ability to vibrate when a message or phone call is being received, allowing the user to count on their device to notify them of any incoming calls or texts.

All of these examples are ways that cell phones – both smart and not – are revolutionizing the use of modern day hearing aids.

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