New Hearing Aid Tech That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever been shocked to discover an acquaintance wears hearing aids? Take a close look at some of the most active and social people you know. They’re much more likely to be wearing hearing aids than in years past.

Modern hearing aids aren’t the outdated technology your father wore. They’re designed to blend in or make a trendy statement, depending on your sense of style. Today’s hearing aids integrate modern technology and promote an active lifestyle. They’re designed to appeal to all age groups and personalities.

Let’s examine the many benefits of modern hearing aids.

Modern styling

You can now purchase hearing aids that look like fashionable earrings, leopard print earlobe clips, or even mechanical flowers. They come in a variety of funky designs and popular colors. There are even hearing aids that look like glasses or necklaces.

It’s easy to find hearing aids that match your individual style. When shopping for new hearing aids, there’s no reason you have to buy something “boring.” You can even purchase hearing aids that look like those really expensive and popular wireless earbuds sold by Apple.

Another option is to choose a very discreet pair. Modern hearing aids are much smaller and better able to blend into your ears than in the past. There are plenty of options if you have a strong sense of style or are looking for something different.

Supporting active lifestyles

Your hearing aids will never hold you back. In fact, they will help you stay active and enable you to take part in your favorite activities.

While most hearing aids are damaged by water, you do have the option of purchasing water-resistant or waterproof models. If you love to spend time at the lake, in the pool, or riding the waves, then it probably makes sense to purchase a waterproof set of hearing aids.

Do you love eating out, going to plays, jogging, or attending sporting events? Modern hearing aids don’t simply amplify sound, they also optimize your hearing experience regardless of your location.

Do you have trouble hearing friends and family members on your cell phone or landline? Modern hearing aids automatically filter out background noise and bring background voices to the foreground so you hear the sounds and voices you want to hear.

Sync with your other devices

Most modern hearing aids can connect to a Smart TV, smartphone, or other electronic devices using Bluetooth® technology. This allows you to stream the sound directly into your ears, eliminating the distance between you and the speaker, smartphone, or television.

If your local theater or concert venue uses a hearing loop system, the music and dialogue played through the speakers can be transmitted directly to your hearing aids. In the future, it’s expected your hearing aids will be able to connect with even more of the technology in your home, car, and favorite public venues.

Protecting your health

Do you have a fitness tracker on your wrist? Do you have an alert pendant in case you fall or other safety devices that allow you to stay independent?

Modern hearing aids can be programmed to track movement, exercise, and even your heart rate. You can choose to share this data with your doctor, who will use it to develop a personalized strategy for improved health.

Some hearing aids can even detect falls. They can sense when you’re standing and when you’re lying on the floor. This information can be used to alert first responders when you’re hurt or in danger.

All of these advanced hearing aid technologies can help you track your health and stay active.

Machine learning and AI technology

In the 1950s, our society envisioned robots as clunky machines that would simply take instructions and complete tasks. Today, robotic technology fits in the palm of your hand (smartphones) and in your ears (hearing aids).

Hearing aids are also getting smarter. They utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In addition to simple commands, such as “volume up” or “volume down,” hearing aids collect information from your environment and use that data to self-adjust and optimize your hearing.

Despite utilizing advanced technology, hearing aids are remarkably easy to use.

Upgrading your technology

Modern hearing aids are a necessity for those suffering from hearing loss. They’re helping people hear and live active lives by enabling them to take part in their favorite activities.

Do your hearing aids utilize these advanced features? They may have them and you don’t even know it, or it may be time for an upgrade. Talk to your hearing specialist about your specific hearing loss concerns and lifestyle needs. Learn more about the benefits of modern hearing aids.

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