Connect Your Hearing Aids to Your Home Technology to Improve Your Life

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You might remember the phrase “world of tomorrow,” which was used to describe the bright future technology was expected to bring to civilization. We’re currently living in a technological golden age, and the evolution of hearing aids is an important part of it.

Today, dozens of hearing aid models have the ability to connect directly to your TV, computer, or smartphone. This allows you to hear these devices better while also creating a more relaxing environment for those around you who are too polite to tell you to turn down the volume on the TV.

While these technological features are perfect for entertainment purposes, some hearing aid wearers find the features too complicated and often don’t set them up. This could be a costly mistake.

Improved Connectivity Adds Another Layer of Safety

According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, a significant number of people older than 50 can’t hear their smoke alarms. Can you hear your smoke alarm from any room in the house? Even with hearing aids, this can be a challenge. Fortunately, new technology is already reducing this life-threatening risk.

Each year, new devices are developed and made available to the public. New hearing aids have the ability to connect to fire alarms that are part of smart home systems. This means you’ll hear the alarm wherever you are in your home. The technical process is similar to how hearing aids stream audio from your computer tablet or TV to your hearing aid. The only difference is when you connect your hearing aids to your fire alarms, it could save your life.

Hearing Aids Can Connect to Wi-Fi Doorbells

In addition to improving safety, there is great entertainment value in having your hearing aid connected to multiple devices inside your home, but the current trend in smart home technology is at your front door. Wi-fi connected doorbells have become common among homeowners. The benefit of these doorbells is that they feature video and audio capabilities.

The good news for hearing aid wearers with smart home devices is that it’s another device your hearing aid can connect to. Not sure who’s at the door? You would know instantly with a wi-fi connected doorbell, which would transmit audio directly into your ear.

Why It’s Worth Setting Up

It takes time to set up these features to work with your hearing aid, and that deters many individuals from using them. However, it’s important to realize that connecting your hearing aid to smart devices in your home can make your life safer, more comfortable, and ultimately more enjoyable.

The best part? Your hearing aid specialist can demonstrate how to use these features when you purchase your hearing aid. If you find yourself fumbling with the settings when you’re back at home, each hearing aid manufacturer has ample online resources to help you navigate the set-up process.

In short, if you’ve bought a new hearing aid with wi-fi capabilities, you’re missing out if you don’t set them up.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids?

Older hearing aid models are missing a number of connectivity options. Additionally, there are numerous technical improvements that are made each year to improve the overall audio quality of hearing aids. If you’re having trouble with hearing in specific settings or want to explore some of the new features you’re missing, schedule an appointment with your hearing aid specialist to improve your hearing, as well as your quality of life.

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