Kevin St. Clergy
| February 11, 2020

Researchers Refocus on Tinnitus

Finally tinnitus is getting the attention it deserves and new innovations are on the way. But here’s how to reduce the ringing in your ears now. […]

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Man with his hands over his ears suffering from Tinnitus.
Kevin St. Clergy
| December 17, 2019

Is Tinnitus Permanent?

Depending on its root causes, tinnitus may or may not become permanent. Here’s how long it usually takes to go away on its own. […]

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Picture of a woman lying down in a sauna
Kevin St. Clergy
| June 11, 2019

Could Some Sauna Time Tame Your Tinnitus?

People in Finland have long enjoyed the health benefits of saunas, but now scientists think they may have discovered a surprising benefit nobody knew about: tinnitus relief. […]

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