I Need a Hearing Aid but Can’t Afford It

Man trying to buy hearing adis but doesn't have enough money.

When it comes to hearing loss, the numbers tell an interesting story. For instance, did you know that nearly 40 million American adults have at least some hearing problems? Or that nearly 10% of the US population suffers from tinnitus, a chronic ringing in the ears? Perhaps the most troubling statistic is the fact that nearly 30 million Americans can benefit from the use of a hearing aid – yet only 16% of that number has ever used them.

There are several reasons why a person who needs a hearing aid might not use one. They might choose to suffer in silence because they are worried about a possible stigma associated with aging or are maybe too prideful to wear a hearing aid.

Another concern is the price. Hearing aids can range anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 for a pair of hearing aids, and getting assistance to pay for them through services like Medicare can be difficult (though the laws may be changing).

The fact remains, however, that hearing aids are the best option available to most people who suffer from hearing loss, and there are other services and assistance available to those who could not otherwise afford hearing aids.

The True Cost of Not Using Hearing Aids

Unfortunately, the true cost of not using a hearing aid can be even worse than the financial impact of buying them. People suffering from hearing loss often face more difficulties earning a living and deal with more mental health conditions, such as depression, isolation, and anxiety. When these issues are added up, the true cost of not getting hearing aids is substantial, both in the quality of life and in health issues that pop up later. In fact, research has shown that ignoring hearing loss can increase your healthcare costs by as much as 40%.

What makes that statistic even more shocking is that there are many ways to make hearing aids affordable.

How to Get Affordable Hearing Aids

There are several options available for those who need hearing aids but cannot afford them. The Starkey Hearing Foundation donates more than 100,000 hearing aids each year to people suffering from hearing loss who otherwise could not afford treatments. Other groups and organizations, such as the Department of Veteran Affairs and Lion’s Club International, provide financial assistance and refurbished hearing aids at a discounted price to people with limited incomes.

What Is My First Step in Finding Affordable Hearing Aids?

Before you contact any of the services or organizations listed above, you should first see a hearing specialist to determine the extent of your hearing loss and the type of hearing aid that will work best for you. Once you get your hearing loss diagnosis, you’ll be able to explore your options for how you will start hearing better again. A hearing specialist can also help you determine whether insurance, Veteran’s associations, or other affiliations will help with the costs.

Whether you are eligible for coverage, there are often less expensive options, or you may be able to get financing.

Do you need hearing aids but you’re not sure if you can afford them? Find a hearing specialist in your area and schedule a consultation today so you can find out what options are available to help you start hearing better.

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