How a Trained Audiologist Can Improve Your Life

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How Hearing Impacts Us Day to Day

Many of us who are not hard of hearing will often take the ability to hear for granted and never truly stop to appreciate just how much hearing is able to impact our day to day lives.

Compare your life with the day-to-day routine of a person who has difficulty hearing. The places and everyday activities you participate often require hearing regardless if you notice it or not. These things can range from enjoying time with your family and friends, listening to a story, and even going to the movie theater to watch the latest hit.

If you have difficulty hearing, even a normal task, like writing down a memo, can prove daunting. It is no doubt that people who may be hard of hearing start to experience the wear and tear of day to day life sooner than those who don’t. While your friends and family are often understanding of your hearing loss and may appear to be patient, you will undoubtedly ask yourself questions like, “how much patience do they really have?” and “when they will become tired of repeating what they have said?”

What Does an Audiologist Do?

If you have been experiencing difficulty hearing, or have difficulty dialing in your existing hearing aids, it may be time to consider the expertise of an audiologist. An audiologist is a trained professional that has completed a four-year degree in audiology and typically has some doctorate training after.

A doctorate in audiology is referred to as an AuD, and requires many hours of clinical practice and training to become an accredited doctor. While an audiologist may not be a full medical doctor with a wide range of medical knowledge like a physician may have, an audiologist certainly is a certified and trained doctor in his or her own specified field.

Audiologists may continue their schooling to specialize in specific areas of audiology, such as pediatric audiology or in cochlear implants. Every audiologist is licensed in his or her state and has met rigid and strict testing protocol to be a certified audiologist. Many audiologists will associate themselves with various hearing societies such as the American Board of Audiology.

How Can an Audiologist Help Me?

An audiologist has the potential to help anyone that is experiencing difficulty hearing. On a typical appointment an audiologist will first assess the level of hearing loss and will go about finding a corrective course of action.

Depending on the level of hearing loss this can be anything from hearing therapy to prescribing a pair of hearing aids. If you are already a patient that owns a pair of hearing aids an audiologist is trained to find the correct pair and adjustments so that your hearing aids are working as well as possible. Often, people will go to a trained audiologist when they are experiencing difficulty with existing hearing aids.

A trained audiologist is able to dial in the hearing aid or is able to prescribe a better pair that will more appropriately fit the patient and meet the patient’s needs. It is the ultimate goal of an audiologist to have their patient’s enjoying life again. Sometimes this may take one, or several appointments for the patient to be immersed back into regular day to day activity with friends and family.

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