18 Simple Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss – Tip #6

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Avoid Earwax Buildup

What if your hearing problem was as minor as a bit too much earwax? You might be surprised how something so simple can cause such significant problems for people.As trivial as it may seem, a buildup of earwax can clog your ears and may cause you to temporarily lose your hearing especially if it is being pushed down each time you try to clean your ears.

To an extent, earwax is actually good for your ears. It is a combination of cerumen, which is made by your body’s sebaceous glands designed to keep the skin moist in your ear and to help shed the dead skin cells in your ear canal. Your ears are actually designed to clean themselves by pushing earwax out of the canal on its own.

Some people inadvertently disrupt the natural process of skin shedding when they clean their ears. This may cause your ears to make more wax and you are risking pushing the wax back into the canal, causing a blockage.

The good news is, there are actually safe ways to clean your ear that won’t put your hearing at risk. You can talk with your hearing care specialist about safe methods of keeping your ears clean, and nearly any audiologist will be happy to clean your ears for you. When done correctly, it doesn’t have to be done very often so you may find this to be the more convenient option.

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