18 Simple Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss – Tip #10

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Reduce Cell Phone Use

It’s ironic that something that aids in communication could be making it harder for you to communicate, but it seems that people who use their cell phones for one hour or more each day may have a higher risk of high-frequency hearing loss than those with less cell phone use.

This is one of the most recently discovered common causes of hearing loss. It’s possible other factors such as the volume of the phone may have an impact, but there does seem to be a correlation between cell phone use and what is known as high-frequency hearing loss.

High-frequency hearing loss can make it difficult to discern consonants and ultimately cause you to struggle to understand the people speaking to you in your day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, cell phones are no longer thought to be the luxury they were a decade ago. The convenience of having an ability to talk to other people, anytime and from anywhere has created problems in a variety of ways, including possibly leading to hearing loss. If at all possible, use a landline or bluetooth headset to make and receive the majority of your phone calls.

If you’re already using a hearing aid, you may want to consider having your audiologist help you setup or select a model that will allow you to take calls through the device. This could help reduce your risk for further hearing loss.

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