Man wondering if hearing loss is real.
Helping Me Hear
| March 23, 2020

Is Hidden Hearing Loss Real?

For a long time, the symptoms of hidden hearing loss were dismissed as an attention disorder. But new research suggests hidden hearing loss is real. […]

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Helping Me Hear
| March 22, 2020

Does Hearing Loss Lead To Brain Atrophy?

Memory loss due to dementia. Senior man losing parts of head as symbol of decreased mind function. Hearing loss is generally accepted as just another part of the aging process: as we get older, we […]

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Senior man in red shirt plugging ears with fingers suffering from Tinnitus.
Helping Me Hear
| March 10, 2020

What Causes My Ears to Ring?

Let’s set the scene: you’re lying in bed at night trying to relax after a long, exhausting day. Your eyelids are getting heavy and you know that sleep is right around the corner. Then you […]

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